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Alaska's Most Natural Resource

Alaskan Bears

Everyone thinks that coming to Alaska is a chance to fulfill lifelong fantasies about wildlife and the great outdoors. Well, everyone's absolutely right! Alaska has an unparalleled abundance of wild and woolly critters, and plenty of finned and feathered ones as well. Big animals like moose and bears, caribou and wolves, whales and sea lions are a big part of the allure of the north. And all you need to find and enjoy them is a little time, a little knowledge, and a spirit of adventure.

For starters, it helps to know where and when to look for animals. You can see creatures great and small any time of year and anywhere in the state. Fortunately there are areas near the population centers and along the road system that offer plenty of potential for animal watching.

Lesson one in your wildlife quest is to carry binoculars. Alaska isn't a zoo where you can walk up to within a few feet of your quarry and observe them at your leisure. Occasionally you'll get a chance to see animals at close quarters, but unless you're on a guided tour or inside a vehicle, getting close isn't often possible or recommended. Maintain a safe distance, and observe without disturbing, both for the animal's sake and for your safety.

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