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Alaskan Bird Watching

Bald Eagle

Whenever you're near water, you can bet that bald eagles are nearby. They're most commonly seen perched in the tops of spruce trees near shore, scanning the area for their next meal. Look for their prominent white heads-they often look like golf balls stuck in the green treetops.

One of Alaska's most noteworthy wildlife spectacles is the annual autumn convergence of thousands of eagles on the Chilkat River flats near Haines. From October through December, with nearly 3,000 eagles having been seen at a given time, this is the greatest concentration of eagles in the world. They gather to feed on a late salmon run, and the chance to see eagles in these numbers is not to be missed.

For a truly "far out" birding and wildlife experience, you can visit St. Paul Island in the Pribilof Islands. Visitors can view northern fur seals at their rookeries, and some truly exotic bird species. Observation blinds are constructed so visitors can watch without disturbing the animals. Local Aleut naturalists lead guided tours, and travel and accommodation packages for multi-day trips are available.

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