Seward & World War II  
  Troops:    Fort Raymond - June 4, 1941
   * Arkansas-based 153rd Infantry Battalion, guarded ships and patrolled the town
   * 420th Coast Artillery, manned the pillboxes on the beach and furnished the anti-aircraft unit
   * Two port battalions, the 371st and the 260th
   * The 203rd Station Hospital Force
   * the 29th Engineers Battalion

December 1942
   * Troops from the 267th Coast Artillery (most of whom hailed from Pittsburgh and Baltimore)
  Sites:      * the Rocky Point-Caines Head area 4,650 acres
  * the Humpy Cove-Thumb Cove area 900 acres
  * Rugged Island 1,020 acres
  * Barwell Island 36 acres
  * Renard (Fox) Island 1,510 acres
  * Hive Island 225 acres
  * Cheval Island 330 acres

The military used the first four sites for defense; it bypassed Renard, Hive, and Cheval islands.
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