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Sitka, Alaska

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Sitka is one of Alaska's most scenic and historic cities. Here Sitka National Historical Park preserves the site of the 1804 fort and battle that marked the last major resistance of the Tlingit Indians to Russian colonization. This was Alaska's economic and cultural capital for half a century, serving as the headquarters for the Russian-American Company's fur and other trading operations. The park displays a fine collection of totem poles, and visitor center exhibits illustrate the art and traditions of the Tlingit people. The park also contains the premier historic structure in Alaska, the restored 1843 Russian Bishop's House.

The Tlingit long ago followed the salmon streams southward to settle here at "Sheet' ika," as they called Sitka, on this island-dotted coast. They enjoyed a rich culture, esthetically and spiritually, in a world of natural abundance. This was interrupted by the Russian-American Company under the determined leadership of Alexander Baranov. The 1804 Battle of Sitka ended when the Tlingit ran out of ammunition and withdrew. Baranov burned their fort and built a new town that he named New Archangel.


Sitka is reached by state-operated ferries, commercial cruiseships, and daily jet service.

Approximate Size

106 acres.

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