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Kenai Fjords National Park


There are several trails through the outwash plain of Exit Glacier that afford excellent views of the ice and surrounding mountains. A quarter-mile wheelchair accessible trail leads from the parking lot to an information display. At the display, two loop trails, totalling about one mile, begin. Also, a half-mile nature trail loops back to the parking lot from the display. The Harding Icefield Trail heads up the fairly steep Mountainside along the glacier, and takes hikers on to the icefield. Hikers on this trail should be prepared for a steep and sometimes slippery climb. Specialized equipment is recommended for those going on the icefield.

Nature Trail

A moderate hike through the cottonwood forest, alder thickets and old glacial moraines. Watch for wildflowers and wildlife.

Lower Loop Trail

Take the 'Easiest Trail' at the trail junction for access onto the outwash plain in front of the glacier. STAY BEHIND WARNING SIGNS as large blocks of ice may fall without warning. A short climb takes you to the Upper Loop Trail junction where you can continue your ascent or drop back down to the main trail.

Upper Loop Trail

This is a steep and winding trail requiring good footgear. Plants colonizing the area are very fragile and the exposed bedrock this trail crosses is extremely slick, so PLEASE STAY ON THE TRAIL. Ice may fall at any time, STAY BEHIND WARNING SIGNS and DO NOT ENTER ICE CAVES OR ARCHES. Parts of this trail may be closed at times due to movement of the glacier.

Falls Overlook

This trail is primitive with steep cliffs along the way. WATCH YOUR STEP

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