Katmai Bear Viewing

Katmai National Park, located on the upper portion of the Alaskan Peninsula, is home to beautiful scenery, powerful brown bears, and rivers teaming with fish.

While working on a job in King Salmon last fall I had the pleasure to take a trip to Brooks camp, the gateway to Katmai. The trip occurred in early October, with trees still carrying their golden leaves and the rivers still full of salmon and, more importantly, voracious rainbow trout. A friend (coworker) and I shared Brooks camp, and the Brooks River, with 17 brown bears and no one else. The Brooks River connects Brooks Lake to Naknek Lake and is considered one of the world's premiere rainbow fisheries and brown bear viewing locations. The only unfortunate thing about Brooks camp is that your fishing is often interrupted as you continuously slip by, around, and out of the way of large and numerous brown bears roving the banks and devouring salmon.

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Here are some excellent Bear Photos. Click on them to enlarge.

Bear Under Water
Bear Under Water (16K)
Walking Along the Shore Line
Walking (23K)
Bear Family
Bear Family (15K)
Caught A Fish!
Caught A Fish! (19K)
Looking at a Bird
Looking at a Bird (12K)
Cubs Nuzzeling
Cubs Nuzzleing (13K)
Eating a Fish
Eating a Fish (24K)
By a Boat
By a Boat (41K)
Crossing the River
Crossing the River (19K)
Resting Ashore
Resting Ashore (19K)
In the River
In the River (23K)
From Shore
From Shore (17K)

Photos by Leona Hassmann and Kai Pauselius

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