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Innoko Wildlife Refuge


Innoko is about 300 miles northwest of Anchorage in the central Yukon River Valley. The refuge comprises most of the Innoko River basin and is composed of two separate sections that total 4.25 million acres. It was established to protect nesting and breeding habitat of waterfowl. About 80 percent of the refuge is wetlands that provide nesting habitat for at least 250,000 waterfowl.

Innoko provides habitat for wolf, black bear, grizzly bear, caribou (in the winter), and furbearers. It is renowned for its beaver population. In some years 40 percent of all beaver trapped in Alaska originate on the refuge. The annual beaver harvest is about 20,000 pelts. Other furbearers include muskrat, weasel, wolverine, lynx, marten, and red fox.

The abundant moose on Innoko have meant a food supply for early residents, explorers, trappers, gold-seekers, and river boat crews as well as today's residents. The success of the moose population is attributed to the flooding along the streams that enhances the growth of willows - the major winter food of moose.

Visitor Use

A float trip on the Innoko River provides an excellent opportunity to view wildlife. Fishing is excellent for northern pike. Sport hunting for moose and black bear is popular.

For information contact

Refuge Manager - (907)524-3251
Innoko National Wildlife Refuge
P.O. Box 69
McGrath, AK 99627
FAX (907)524-3141

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