Netscape Note

Some users have reported problems with both Netscape email and the Netscape browser where attempting to open a RealAudio file produces a screen full of "garbage" characters rather than sound.

This most likely means that your Netscape software has not been configured to route RealAudio files to the Real Audio Player. This is easy to fix.

If you are seeing "garbage" instead of hearing great race audio try following the following steps.

  1. start up your Netscape browser
  2. point it at
  3. click on the Current Race Report hyperlink
If you are having the garbage problem, I expect that you will now see a box on your screen explaining that you have started to download a file of type audio/x-realaudio and some buttons asking you what you would like to do about it.
  1. Choose the "Pick Application" button
  2. browse for the file c:\windows\system\raplayer.exe
This is the RAPlayer and will make sound out of the garbage.

The above file address (c:\windows\system\raplayer.exe) is for Windows machines. I do not have a Mac and do not know the address of the Real Audio Player on those machines.

To test the change, select some of the other audio files on our server. You should hear the files without seeing the pop-up box again. If this works you are ready to test the email. Open up an email with a race report and click on the audio file. I do not use Netscape for email so I have not been able to test this. I would appreciate it if some of you who indicated you were having problems would let me know how this works for you.