1996 Iditarod Audio Files

Start of the 1996 Iditarod The dogs get going and the mushers try to hang on. Lots of people watch as mushers navigate the narrow streets covered with snow.
Day 2 The Race is only one day old and already one dog is dead. Update on racers positions and weather conditions. Strategy for grueling stretch of trail from Jeff King.
Day 3 Rick Swenson is pulled from the race because of the new expired dog rule. One team encounters a moose and escapes with one injured dog. An interview with rookie racers and their out look on the race.
Day 4 DeeDee Jonrowe is quick out of a checkpoint in pursuit of Martin Buser. Report on the number of planes it takes to fly in supplies and observers. Mushers are feeling the absence of the fellow racer Rick Swenson.
Day 5 DeeDee Jonrowe is wished good luck by her mother. Mushers discuss their strategies on the stretch up to the Yukan. Interview with a retired musher who talks about his experience on the trail.
Day 6 Update on race positions. On the way to Ruby trail conditions are wet. First racer to Ruby will get a six course meal and $3500. Interview with racers on meals during the race.
Day 7 Top 5 Racers left checkpoint at Ruby after 8 hours rest. Jeff King had the fastest run to Galeena in under six hours. Volunteer Vetinarians talk about looking for problems with dogs during the race and improving care. Update on mushers and their teams.
Day 8 Weather report and forecast for the Iditarod. Update on dog conditions at Ruby. Reminiscing about Dick Mackey's one second win over Rick Swenson.
Day 9 Jeff King is the first racer out of Safety, the last checkpoint before Nome. Interview with King and his perspective on the race. Current positions of the top 4 teams.
Day 10 Jeff King wins the 1996 Iditarod in a time of 9 days 5 hours and 43 minutes, the second fastest time ever. Finish times for the top 5 mushers.