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Denali State Park Regulations

Denali State Park's near-pristine state is a great asset. This wilderness quality can be preserved for years to come by adherence to rules and regulations that are necessary to protect the visitors as well as the park.


Littering is an unnecessary eyesore and a disappointment to all who follow. All refuse created in the park should be taken home or placed in the litter containers provided. All backcountry garbage should be packed out.


Protection of all natural features and park facilities is everyone's responsibility. AR vandalism, from cutting living trees to carving initials in tables, is prohibited, and observed instances of such abuse should be reported. Stripping bark from trees can kill them and is not allowed.

Loose Pets

Loose pets can be dangerous, so pets must be leashed in campgrounds or other developed areas on state park land. Pets in the back country must be under control at all times.


Discharge of weapons within one-quarter mile of the Parks Highway or within one-half mile of developed facilities or the trail around Byers Lake is prohibited for safety reasons.

Motor Vehicles

Motorized vehicles cause lasting damage to vegetation and trails, so their use is limited to maintained roads and parking areas. All-terrain vehicles, such as three-wheelers, may be used only as snowmachines, which are permitted throughout the park when snow depth is sufficient (about 16 inches) to protect the vegetation.

Byers Lake

Byers Lake is closed to boats with gasoline-operated motors to insure the tranquility of the area.


Campfires must only be built in the fireplaces provided or in your portable campstove. In the backcountry, use a backpack stove. Open fires are permitted on the gravel bars of the Chulitna, Susitna, and Tokositna Rivers.

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