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Denali State Park Climate

The weather in the park is tempered from continental extremes by the relatively warm ocean water 100 miles to the south. The Alaska Range to the north protects the park from the dramatic temperature extremes common to Interior Alaska.

In summer, temperatures are usually in the 60's with highs, rarely, to 85 degrees F. In mid-summer, almost 21 hours of possible sunshine give ample opportunities for recreational activities. Average winter highs range from zero to 30 degrees F, while on extremely cold days the low may reach minus 40 degrees F.

Annual precipitation reaches 30 inches, including an average annual 180 inches of snowfall. Snow begins to accumulate in October and frequently reaches depths of six feet or more. Ice depth on Byers Lake can be quite variable and should be checked before assumed safe. Snow usually melts in May, although patches at higher elevations may persist into July.

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