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Independence Mill Complex - Built in 1937, the mill complex included several buildings: a work shop, a welding shop, a power and machine shop, and an ore sorting plant above the mill. An aerial tram transported materials up the hill and ore down the hill. Use of the aerial tram was discontinued in 1942, but the cable to the tunnel at the 900 foot level and southeast Independence portals can still be seen. The creek running down the center is the west branch of Fishhook Creek. Water for the mill operations and camp had its source from this creek where a catch basin and dam were constructed.

The white building on the right was the assay office where raw gold was weighed and analyzed before being sent out of the state for refining. It was set apart from other buildings to guard against the spread of fire. Today, the restored assay office houses the park museum.

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The Warehouse/Bunk House (left of first picture), built in 1939, served as living quarters for 36 men, space for the territorial school, engineering office and storage for groceries and hardware.

The "Old" Bunk House (center of first picture) was the first of the three-story bunk houses. On the first floor were a change and dry room, a recreation room, a library room and two bedrooms. The second and third floors were identical, with hallways down the center off which were six two-person bedrooms on each side.

Timber Framing Shop (right of first picture). Timber frames for the underground workings were cut and fitted in this building and then hauled to the mine.

"New" Mess Hall and Kitchen Complex (left of second picture) was built in 1941 and provided a completely equipped kitchen, bakery, scullery, butcher shop and dining hall which seated 160 persons.

The Administrative Office and Commissary (right of second picture) was one of the first buildings built when the mine re-opened in 1936.

(58K) -itg- Little Susitna River along the road from Palmer to Hatcher Pass.

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