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Arctic Region

From the Arctic Circle, Far North Alaska.
Photos by Trans Arctic Circle Treks, Ltd.
Fairbanks Alaska
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The thrill of crossing the Arctic Circle is the most memorable moment of many visitors' Alaska Journey. The people, the places, the history, and the adventure combine to make the Far North unlike anyplace else in Alaska. The arctic is a land where tales are passed on for generations and Native culture is rich in ancient dances, rituals, and craftsmanship.

Experience the unique vegetation, marine life, and wildlife that thrive in the wilderness of Alaska's Far North. Warm summer sun, which shines for days without end, creates a lush carpet of wildflowers and berries. Winter visits to the Arctic will often reveal the spectaular beauty of the aurora borealis.

One of America's most glorious wilderness prizes is the Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve. This 8-million-acre park and preserve is home to the mighty Brooks Range, which begins at the Canadian border and stretches across Alaska.

Visit the Far North, witness the meeting of two worlds, and discover how Alaska Natives meld their ancient customs with 20th century technology.

The Majestic Yukon Flats

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